Embodied Intersubjectivities

Embodied Intersubjectivities – The body in the era of online therapy

Friday 4 December 2020 - A Live Webinar

A One-Day Exploration with Roz Carroll, Ruella Frank and Margaret Landale

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As therapists move their practices online, what are we discovering about the significance of embodied presence in the shadow of its absence?




14.30 GMT (09.30 EST)
Margaret Landale
Being in touch remotely
This talk is based on the premise that embodied intersubjectivity is vital to relational psychotherapy. We will explore modes of adaptation and adjustment when meeting on the phone or online with our clients. In particular, we will take a fresh look at cultivating and maintaining embodied presence under these circumstances and how to adjust our sense preferences from visual clues to listening more deeply, supporting our intuitive perception of the felt sense. The talk will draw on clinical material to illustrate processes of mindful enquiry and empathic attunement.


Ruella Frank
Developing Presence
The capacity for presence is already part of human experience, unfolding within the relational situation. It is our capacity to respond fluidly, giving and receiving, in order to gain something new from the environment. This presentation will illuminate the underlying moving-feeling experience required for developing presence as it emerges or is thwarted within both the baby-parent and patient-therapist dyad.

Therapists will learn how to enhance the potentiality for developing presence in themselves and their patients and, in doing so, clear obstacles that may prevent us from finding each other. Attention will also be given to the special conditions of working online.


Roz Carroll
On the ground and in the air: embodied intersubjectivity as online becomes mainstream
Lockdown gives us a window on the future: progressive pressure to work online – for safety, for convenience and to reduce pollution. We are learning that it’s possible to do creative work via video and to sustain nourishing therapeutic relationships. We can adapt.

But what is lost? What is at risk from not being physically present? Digital over-exposure and a stream of encounters ‘in the air’ create a deep disorientation through sensory depletion. Landing and locating means feeling the ground under our feet and a sense of inhabiting three-dimensional space so that we can feel the embodiment of our intersubjectivity. In this presentation I will consider how we can do this both on and off line. I will illustrate ways of connecting with clients through movement and gesture through both video, and outside and indoor encounters.

Discussion and Q&A



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14.30 GMT (09.30 EST) Start
14.30 Margaret Landale
15.45 Break
16.00 Ruella Frank
17.15 Break
17.30 Roz Carroll
18.45 Discussion and Q&A
19.00 End


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