Healing from Collective Trauma

Healing from Collective Trauma

Friday 9 October 2020 - A Live Webinar

With Dr Sousan Abadian, Dr Doris Brothers and Dr Jack Saul

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While we can’t know the global consequences of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, we can predict that the felt experience of facing this particular existential threat will leave a lasting shock-wave through our emotional systems; that time and space will be needed for grief and anger. But can we also think about this processing as an opportunity for certain kinds of emotional and social enrichment?




14:00 BST (09.00 EDT)
Doris Brothers
Altruism in the Aftermath of Global Trauma
A study conducted by Doris Brothers and Koichi Togashi with survivors of the 9/11 attacks in New York City in 2001 and survivors of the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan revealed that many survivors responded altruistically, that is, they willingly sacrificed their own well-being in their efforts to help others in their wounded societies. In this presentation, Doris Brothers will first review findings from this study and then speculate on the possible relevance this may have for survivors of the Covid-19 pandemic. Will people respond altruistically on a global scale? How might their responses reflect different cultural values? Does the trauma reside in the loss of human life or in the failure of leaders to respond protectively and effectively? And, does an altruistic response reduce the likelihood of intergenerational transmission of this devastating global trauma?


Sousan Abadian
Generative Cultural Renewal: Ensuring that the Post-Pandemic New Normal is a Better Normal
Following experiences of extreme collective trauma, massive disruptions and disequilibrium like the ones we are beginning to experience, many communities instinctively undertake efforts at “cultural renewal” in an attempt to heal. Not all attempts at renewal are reparative, however, and in fact, historically many have been the basis of mass atrocities and human rights violations such as Hitler’s Germany, Milošević’s Serbia, Daesh and Islamic Renewal. Utilizing her research on indigenous and other communities, Sousan will explore essential elements that make cultural renewal reparative rather than (re)traumatizing. She will consider the role we – particularly psychotherapists – can play in ensuring that attempts at renewal are indeed restorative.


Jack Saul
From Collective Trauma to Collective Healing
Jack will present a research and public arts project, entitled the Moral Injuries of War, as a prototype for an arts-based ritual to promote a process of collective moral repair. This immersive sound experience presents the voices of the witnesses of the recent wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, including military veterans and war correspondents. They reflect on the catastrophic consequences of these wars as a response to the terrorist attacks in the US on 9/11, and invite public reflection and reckoning to promote more effective responses to collective national traumas.


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