Psychotherapy in the Natural World: Healing ourselves and our planet

Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 September 2019 - Ireland

With speakers Angela Cotter, Mike Delaney, Marian Dunlea, Shirley Gleeson, Joanne Hanrahan, Matthew Henson, Lucy O'Hagan

For millennia people have travelled to “the valley of the two lakes” to deepen their connection with nature, a beautiful place in the Wicklow Mountains that inspires a sense of ancient worship, the numinous and the wild. This conference is an opportunity to come back to these roots with other psychotherapists to explore different ways in which we can enrich and expand our therapy practice.




Friday 6 September 2019

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Saturday 7 September 2019

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Joanne Hanrahan
Spreading Roots: integrating nature and psychotherapy in a time of crisis
The development of psychotherapy into the natural world and its impact on mental health is increasingly coming to the fore; the consequences of our connection with, and our disconnection from nature are now very much part of the societal consciousness. While integrating nature into psychotherapy was once seen as a fringe activity, it is increasingly valued as core to our connection back to the self, and to the planet. Join Joanne on a journey where she will review the evolution of the approaches influencing this field to date and how they might evolve into the future, benefiting both therapists and clients.

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Marian Dunlea
The Bushes Don’t Have Panic Attacks: Introducing BodyDreaming
BodyDreaming shows how body, mind and psyche interconnect, and how working with all three creates a learned secure attachment to our own sensing bodies, allowing trauma to heal. When we orient toward our environment we can draw on the self-regulating properties in our bodies, psyches and the world that surrounds us. Attunement to this inter- connected field expands our consciousness and brings us into a healing relationship with nature that we discover to be reciprocal. BodyDreaming demonstrates how to restore homeostasis to a dysregulated psyche and nervous system by introducing the practice of inner and outer attunement. Our sensing body resonates with this practice, creating new neural pathways to activate the healing process, and changing our default autonomic nervous system response of ‘fight- flight, or freeze’. The practice aligns us with what Jung refers to as the universal self-regulating drive toward wholeness. We discover that we are in a participatory relationship with nature, our nature and that which surrounds us. This alignment brings us a greater sense of coherence as we feel part of this inter-connected field.

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Mike Delaney
Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: A brief history
This presentation will offer a mixture of anecdotal evidence and the results of a one-year study carried out by LEAP on the effectiveness of Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) when working with people who have been sexually traumatised. We