The Mother's Body

The Mother’s Body
In the Intersubjective Field

Saturday 20 November 2021

With Prof Lesley Caldwell, Prof Alessandra Lemma and Prof Jean Petrucelli

  • Fees include a recording of Professor Alessandra Lemma’s and Prof Lesley Caldwell’s talks with access for a year (14 days post the event).
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The first impressions of another body, that of the mother, will lay the foundations for all future experiences of the embodied self in relation to another intimately connected person. From immersion in her uterus to the total physical dependency of infancy, this relationship lays down a life-long pattern of an embodied sense of self-and-other, and with that the development of mind.




14:00 GMT (09.00 EST)

Professor Alessandra Lemma
Thinking about the Body in the Consulting Room: The Embodied Setting and the Symbiotic Transference

This clinically focused presentation will look at how the body of the analyst may be conceptualised as an embodied feature of the setting.