Alice Waterfall

Series 1. The Coronavirus Series

Holding the frame and sense of connectedness during the pandemic

In this series of interviews Alice Waterfall asks psychotherapists and those working in the field of mental health about their experiences of clinical work during this time of global crisis. As both patients and practitioners attempt to manage unprecedented collective trauma, these conversations cover such issues as finding one’s way to a new therapeutic frame, regulating feelings in a virtual encounter, negotiating re-activated trauma and loss to techno-phobia and techno-tips. How can we create a sense of going-on-being in the therapeutic relationship, she asks, when there is such existential uncertainty?

Interviewees include Judith Anderson, Doris Brothers, Dr Pierre Cachia, Roz Carroll, Dr Janina Fisher, Dr Graham Music, Stephen Porges, Joy Schaverien and many more.

Dr Doris Brothers

Alice Waterfall

In this conversation Dr Doris Brothers, based in New York, highlights how the uncertainty generated by the pandemic is that which