22 October 2021 – 02 February 2022

As one moves through space, a constant double movement connects interior and exterior topographies. The exterior landscape is transformed into an interior map – the landscape within us – as conversely, we project outward, onto the space we traverse, the motion of our own emotions. Space is, totally, a matter of feeling. It is a practice that engages psychic change in relation to movement.

Giuliana Bruno, Public Intimacy: Architecture and the Visual Arts, 2007

Borrowing its title from the book titled Public Intimacy: Architecture and the Visual Arts by scholar and author Giuliana Bruno (2007), the inaugural exhibition focuses on the sense of place, space, encounter, networks, relations and touch. It is, in part, inspired by the Deleuzian philosophy of the fold, where matter is seen as porous, spongy, a fluid multiplicity and a boundaryless continuum connecting the outside to the inside. Approaching surface as a threshold, a connective tissue or interface between art forms, we see more clearly where subjects, space and place connect. The works develop relations across art, architecture, and psychoanalytical thinking, looking at what passes between a surface, insisting that the object itself extends well beyond the image and bringing internalised sensations and thinking to the forefront in a cryptic, other worldly and seemingly abstract way.

Hayley Lock, October 2021

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Fay Ballard

Fay Ballard

Fay Ballard’s drawings in the exhibition form part of a series of works exploring memories of a motherless childhood provoked by her father’s death in 2009. Discovering photographs of her mother for the first time, Fay began to draw in order to reinstate her, to make her both tangible and real.