Depth Courses

A course for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists, clinical/counselling psychologists and psychiatrists

Saturday 25 January – Saturday 21 November 2020

This one-year programme invites an open approach to integrating the myriad of exciting contemporary energy psychologies into psychotherapy. New understandings about the impact of trauma on the body, including advances in neurobiology, support working with the mind-body connection alongside talking psychotherapy. The gentle methods of Energy Psychotherapy facilitate deep healing by helping to clear the emotional and energetic residues of trauma at a deep bodily level, including patterns of transgenerational, attachment, non-verbal and complex trauma.

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Study the mind at CPD, certificate or diploma level in our new post-qualification programme

19 September 2019 to 4 June 2020
Thursday evenings 19.30-21.30

This newly created 30 week course will provide professional practitioners of psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, counselling, creative arts therapies, and related professions with an intensive, year-long study of the field of psychopathology in its many forms, introducing participants to psychological conditions ranging from severe manifestations of psychological illness to the more ordinary neuroses of everyday life.

The programme has been designed to survey not only basic psychiatric knowledge but also the century-long accumulation of psychological knowledge about psychopathology.

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