Body Mind Entanglements

Body Mind Entanglements
Working with unrepresented somatised states in the intersubjective space

Friday 3 December 2021

With Geraldine Godsil, Salvatore Martini and Antonio de Rienzo

  • Includes a recording of the event with access for a year (14 days post the event)
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This day will present views on psychotherapeutic experiences which illuminate the bodily basis of intersubjectivity. The speakers will elaborate their understanding of the intersubjective space as a field of ‘mutual unconsciousness’, where the two people in the therapeutic relationships meet and transform.




14.00 GMT (09.00 EST)

Geraldine Godsil
Residues of a Symbiotic Somatic Countertransference and Growth of the Analyst

This presentation explores residues of a somatic countertransference that revealed its meaning several years after an apparently successful analytic work had ended. Psychoanalytic and Jungian analytic ideas on primitive communication, dissociation and enactment will be explored in the working-through of a shared respiratory symptom between patient and analyst. We will hear how growth in the analyst was necessary for the patient’s co