Trauma series part 2

The Trauma Series Part II: Implicit Predictions, Resilience, and Sociocultural Considerations
Perspectives from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Friday 15 October 2021

With Dr Pat Ogden

  • Includes a recording of the event with access for a year (14 days post the event)
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Traumatic events, attachment failures, and systemic oppression (historical and current) can become the central defining experiences that powerfully influence our implicit predictions and expectations of ourselves, others, and the world.




Dr Pat Ogden,


15.00 BST (10.00 EDT)

The Role of the Body in Forecasting the Future
Implicit predictions and expectations of ourselves, others, and the world are reflected in the autonomic arousal, movement, and posture of the body. This webinar will examine how the body’s patterns forecast the future and look at the role of the body in the treatment of trauma and attachment disturbances. The different impact of various kinds of trauma, attachment and relational strife (societal and individual) will be explored. Body-oriented approaches that mitigate the effects of trauma will be differentiated from those that help resolve the strong emotions, cognitive distortions and intimacy issues associated with attachment failure and relational strife.



Resilience & Beyond
Resilience is not as a trait or a fixed ability but can be nurtured and strengthened at any age through awareness, intention and practice. In this webinar, the ongoing effects of past, current and recurrent trauma, including the pandemic, racialized trauma and oppression, will be addressed, and the physical correlates of surviving and growing from adversity will be clarified. A variety of skills will be explored: regulatory skills to implement in the face of ongoing stress and adversity; attentional skills to interrupt detrimental patterns and foster new ones; and physical actions to support connection, cultivate self-compassion and welcome difficult emotions. A set of worksheets to support resilience, even in the face of ongoing adversity, will be provided.



Sociocultural Perspectives
The majority of contemporary psychotherapeutic methodologies, including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, implicitly contain the values and bias of white culture. This webinar will introduce the impact of Eurocentric Western perspectives on psychotherapy and bring awareness to the influence of culture, racism, and biases toward those we perceive to be unlike ourselves. We will also explore the impact of social locations and how we relate to other people’s movements and postures, addressing the implications for psychotherapists. We will examine implicit and explicit bias and microaggressions, and their impact on the psychotherapeutic process. Therapeutic attitudes, options and strategies will be considered that can support culturally sensitive interventions.




Includes handouts and a recording

Bookings close at 9:00am BST Tuesday 12 October