Published for all those interested in psychotherapeutic ideas, Confer Books are designed to deepen our understanding of psychological, relational and emotional processes – to explore concepts that engage with the complexities of being human in an extraordinary era.

I am delighted to introduce our growing collection of titles. In two new additions to the list, our authors explore the concept of what ‘normal’ actually is and guide us to a deeper understanding of trauma and dissociation. Our books also investigate narcissism, the changing landscape of sexuality and how modern neuroscience can give us new insights into psychotherapy. Covering ecopsychotherapy, body psychotherapy, forensic psychotherapy – the topics and approaches are wide-ranging and I hope you’ll find something to both pique your curiosity and support and enrich your practice.

For more detail you can download a PDF of our new catalogue here.

Happy reading!

Christina Wipf Perry
Publishing Director

Confer Books


Dr Stephen Setterberg (Publisher), Jane Ryan (Creative Director), Dr Kathy Rooney (Consultant Executive Director), Christina Wipf Perry (Director of Publishing), Professor Brett Kahr (Editor-in-Chief), Liz Wilson (Publishing Manager), Helen Whitehorn (Production Manager), Vicky Capsti