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We have reached our first birthday as a new publisher. Launching a publishing house during a pandemic has been both challenging and exhilarating, but we now have some wonderful books in print and exciting new additions on the way.

Confer is now housing two imprints: the new Confer Books and Karnac Books. Published for all those interested in psychotherapeutic ideas, Confer Books are designed, like our events, to deepen our understanding of psychological, relational and emotional processes. Karnac – also a bookshop – has been a specialist publisher of books about psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for over 70 years, and was acquired by us in 2020.

In both imprints we embrace the values of inclusivity and creativity within the field of psychotherapy and related branches of mental health. We are dedicated to publishing contributions from the full range of schools of thought, particularly those from emerging and marginal voices.

Christina Wipf Perry
Publishing Director

Karnac Books


  • PublisherDr Stephen Setterberg
  • Creative DirectorJane Ryan
  • Consultant Executive DirectorDr Kathy Rooney
  • Advisory Editor-in-ChiefProfessor Brett Kahr
  • Publishing DirectorChristina Wipf Perry
  • Managing EditorLiz Wilson
  • Publishing AssistantEmily Wootton
  • Production ManagerPatrick Dawson
  • Sales ManagerDavid Wightman
  • Marketing ManagerVicky Capstick


Freud’s Pandemics

Freud’s Pandemics: Surviving Global War, Spanish Flu, and the Nazis by Brett Kahr (2021, Karnac Books)

In this compelling book, the first in the new Freud Museum London series, Professor Brett Kahr describes how Sigmund Freud endured innumerable emotional pandemics during his eighty-three years of life, ranging from unsubstantiated accusations by medical colleagues to anti-Semitic abuse, the loss of one daughter to Spanish flu and the arrest of another child by the Gestapo, to his own painful cancer treatments and his final flight from Adolf Hitler’s Austria. Freud navigated these personal and political tragedies while simultaneously creating a method of healing which has helped countless millions deal with unbearable trauma and distress.


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